The Facebook Follies | Public Seminar — Claire Bond Potter

What harm does Facebook do? In the last several months, it appears to have done plenty, opening its platform to operatives who were directly or indirectly employed by the Trump campaign. There is always someone new to blame for electing Donald Trump: depending on who you ask, it was Bernie Sanders, “the alt right,” Bernie […]

via The Facebook Follies | Public Seminar — Claire Bond Potter

Author: Heather Munro Prescott

I'm a professor of history at Central Connecticut State University.

One thought on “The Facebook Follies | Public Seminar — Claire Bond Potter”

  1. This Facebook scandal is tough because I’m not ready to delete my account but I don’t like the idea of my information being sold. I immediately notice when the ads on Facebook reflect a company whose products I was recently looking at and it feels manipulative. I NEVER click on the ads though. Potter’s point is important: we can’t un-elect the president but we can try to regulate these companies and restrict what they can do with our data. I’m going to take her suggestions and update my privacy preferences and avoid quizzes and listicles.

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