Week 12: Making Digital History Relevant


April 11

Read and Discuss:

Mangun, Kimberley. “Driving the Discussion from Relevance to Resonance: How Historians Can Inspire Passion for Place and People.” American Journalism 31, no. 1 (2014): 150-160.

Straus, Emily E., and Dawn M. Eckenrode. “Engaging Past and Present: Service-Learning in the College History Classroom.” The History Teacher 47, no. 2 (2014): 253-266.


Blog post:

Check out one or more of the podcasts listed below or one of your choice.  Write a blog post about how podcasting can be used to extend a public history audience.

Colonial Williamsburg

The Smithsonian

Footnoting History

Ben Franklin’s World



American History Untucked

Hardcore History


Stuff You Missed in History Class


One thought on “Week 12: Making Digital History Relevant”

  1. Looking at many of these sites we see how complete they look with all the connections and links. The time to open many of these like the History Matters course involves a lot of waiting time tho using dsl. Hard to believe we can complete sites as inventive as suggested by Ayers. i do agree that the future of history has to acquire the flash and depth of knowledge but do I see the subject of a paper having so much technologies developed that one is lost in the graphics and misses the point?

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